Garment Magazine was born in 2013 during the Independent Fashion Magazine Minor at AMFI. Groups of 5 to 6 students create a concept magazine that ends up in front of a certified magazine jury. The judges were professionals from Vogue, Code Magazine and other graphic designers and journalists. They chose the concept with the most potential, that concept was re-created by the entire class and sold worldwide. 

Our team (in which I fulfilled the role of the editor-in-chief) created a concept magazine called My Name Is. We won and the magazine was re-created with the whole class. The new title was Garment Magazine. Every issue puts the focus on one garment with our debut issue presenting the wonderful world of "the skirt".
 I was appointed as the Fashion Director and had to oversee Garment Magazine aesthetic within the fashion aspect. Producing shoots and articles in line with the concept by putting the skirt in surprising perspectives. The cover was produced and styled by me. 

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